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For every interaction 22 features are computed and can be retrieved.

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NOTICE: Case sensitive search, please use capital letters. Set your Uniprot ID and click "Show Results" button.
Tip: Type two characters/numbers and a list of relative protein's Uniprot ID will appear.

Protein's PPIs

You are about to download a CSV file with data. We will need some time to prepare the data for download.

This can take from 30 secs to 3 mins until the download begins, varying according to the data size.

The process already running.

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You have to specify a protein. Please, type two symbols and select a protein from the list box.

Protein's PPIs Visualization

Tip: Click on a protein or interaction to show info.
Tip: With right click on a protein you can select to display protein's first connections and the relative scores.
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Decrease opacity on mouseover (Might become slow for large networks).
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You can find more about about XGGML, GraphML and SIF formats at the following links:

Protein's Clusters

Protein's Functions

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