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Web API client

HintKBRestClient Java API

The HintKBRestClient is a Java library with a set of classes that implement the requests to the Hint-KB tool through the REST web api.


You can download the binary (jar) and the source code of the library choosing the latest version from below.

Version Date released Download
1.1.157 04-08-2013


You can find the Javadoc of the library here.opens in new window

HintKBRestClientGUI software

The HintKBRestClientGUI is a java standalone application for requesting data from Hint-KB via its web API.


You can download the application choosing the latest version from below.

Version Date released Download
1.1.159 05-08-2013


  1. Extract the contents of the compressed download file to a destination in your computer where your account has write priviledges.
  2. Execute the run.bat (Windows) or (Linux).
  3. Go to the top menu File->Configuration. In the configuration, please check that Hint-KB Web API url is correct according to the guidelines here. Also you can change the storage directory of the downloaded files as well as the temporary directory (both must have write priviledges to your personal computer account). Finally click "Save and Close" for saving the configuration and close the window.
  4. Pick from the selection box the action you prefer and execute it

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