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EEMC Clusters

List of clusters calculated using Evolutionary Enhanced Markov Clustering (EEMC) algorithm.

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ClusterNumber of ProteinsView Details
Cluster 512View Cluster
Cluster 522View Cluster
Cluster 532View Cluster
Cluster 542View Cluster
Cluster 552View Cluster
Cluster 563View Cluster
Cluster 572View Cluster
Cluster 583View Cluster
Cluster 592View Cluster
Cluster 603View Cluster

Download EEMC Clusters

You can download a txt file with all clusters. The file has the following format
1,A0AV96 Q9C0H2,0005254
2,Q8NFC6 A0AVK6,0001047 0003714
3,A0AVT1 Q7Z6D5,0019780 0016874

Download TXT file

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